Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vetor Family Fun Day!

We had hoped for our first trip to the zoo but when the weather turned too cold for the girls we had to find an alternative Saturday activity for the family. We finished our lunchtime feeding (UGH...which is still going slow) and loaded up the whole gang...including Uncle Brandon...for a Family Fun Day at Snapperz!

Here is a story about our big brother...

We have the best big brother in the WORLD!
Ry plays with us on the floor!

Ryan even helps feed us when mommy needs another hand!

Bubby loads us up with toys galore...just to make sure we have fun!

And when all the hardwork is done...Ryan camps out in his Batman House until duty calls!

We are so lucky to have such a WONDERFUL big brother who loves us and helps take care of us.
Little Sisters...Allie, Norah and Olivia
(We love you bubby!)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

The girls are starting to really enjoy their playtime, tummy time and learning about each other while laying side by side. (But we have to watch them closely. It never fails that Allie will have a tight grip on someone's ear. Norah will have her fingers in Olivia's mouth, which Olivia doesn't mind...it's something new to suck on!) Last weekend we put them in front of my full length mirror to see what would happen.
What do you think they are thinking in their little brains? Allie wasn't real happy at this point. Olivia was either trying to make sure Allie was OK or wanting to say, "Could you be quiet?"
Norah and Olivia seemed to think this was fun!

Easter Traditions!

This was the first year that Ryan seemed to really understand why we celebrate Easter. It is a sweet blessing to hear your child talk about Jesus. Ryan LOVES Jesus and everyday we are thankful for the sacrifice He made for each of us on the cross.

We also celebrate Easter with traditional Easter egg coloring and a classic egg hunt. Again this year we colored eggs with The Tarter's. And as far as the "hunt" goes we tried to explain to Ry that in the coming years he will have to share the eggs with his 3 sisters!!!

Until then...he'll just enjoy them ALL to himself! XOXO, The Vetor's

And we're off!

The whole Vetor family FINALLY got out together on our first walk last week. It was amazing! The triple stroller, courtesy of The Vrshek family, worked out perfectly and helped mommy get a little exercise too. Can't imagine what it will be like when they are 20+ lbs and I'm pushing all three. It was a beautiful evening. Ryan wanted to walk to the park. Of course, it was full of other families and we had our 1st experience of being an exhibit with our triplets. One mom after another walked over to get a better look at what was in our HUGE stroller. I think instead of asking if they were boys or girls people stuck to this common theme..."What are their names?" "Oh! All girls...WOW!" I'm thinking about laminating a sign for the stroller that says..."Yes, they are triplets. Yes, they are all girls."