Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ryan's surgery and other updates

Well, it has been a long week in the Vetor home. Ryan was a very brave boy going into surgery last Friday, Feb. 13th. We arrived at 7am, he was in the OR by 8am and done about 40 mins. later. He was 'Superman' coming out of his anesthesia. (No tears or fussing.) In recovery, he only wanted mommy, which is pretty normal for our little guy when he doesn't feel well. We were released and home by 1pm.

That weekend was exhausting but we had so many visitors and helpers all weekend. Thank to those who cooked for us, washed laundry, picked up the house and loved on Ryan to give us a little break.
I took the whole week off to be with him. I dreaded Monday because Nick had to go back to work but it was actually a great day. Tuesday and Wednesday were a different story! We've called his doctor several times and I guess this is a very typical recovery (7-10 days). He hasn't ate a meal since Monday at lunch. For our boy who loves food...this is not normal but I know his throat hurts. We are now passed 1 week and surely each day will be better and better. Maybe he can get back to his normal activities soon!
As for me and our IVF procedure, I had an ultrasound Thurs., Feb. 12th and everything looked really good. They had me start Follistim (stimulation drug) on Friday the 13th twice a day. I returned on Wed. the 18th for more blood work and ultrasound to find out that my ovary is responding very well as there were numerous follicles growing at great rates. I then had ultrasounds and blood work yesterday (20th) and this morning (21st) and it looks like my retrieval will probably be MONDAY MORNING! That should be confirmed later today when they call with my results. We are so excited!!! It's been a blessing to be home with Ryan, although exhausting, it has forced me to relax with him, nap, etc.
Please keep me and our family in your prayers this next week. We hope Ryan will be back to 100% and able to return to his sitter's around Wed. of this week. If my retrieval is Monday the transfer could be as early as Thursday. This is ALL in God's hands! Please pray for guidance and wisdom for Nick and I.
We love you!
The Vetor's

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No Wheat for Ryan...poor boy!

So we did the 4 day elimination diet for wheat only. On day 5, Monday, I added back wheat full force. He had Raisin Bran cereal with rice milk at breakfast and 30 mins. later had a leaking diaper (you know what I'm talking about). Poor Grandma Susan! So then we gave him a sandwich on wheat bread for lunch and he complained all afternoon of a tummy ache and then had another terrible diaper around 4:30 pm. That's when I had to change his outfit and realized his tummy was extremely hard and distended. He looked very bloated. He barely ate anything for dinner last night still complaining that his tummy hurt. So, we know for sure he cannot be on wheat or dairy. Let's pray that soy and eggs don't give us the same results! We can't test those until after he has fully recovered from his surgery (which again is this Friday). Today he has not complained about his tummy but has not had a regular Ryan appetite. He did however show Nat & Reagan a true "fit" when he started kicking, hitting and screaming while we were visiting this morning. Reagan was very concerned about why Ryan's tummy was upset. We have not experienced this behavior in well over a month (since we removed dairy). I think that was the icing on the cake that we have to say "bye bye" to all wheat products. Oh...this should be fun! We are thankful for answers though. Ryan should feel like new in another month. His tummy has probably hurt his whole life and he never knew it wasn't supposed to.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Follow up with Ryan's allergist

Today we received good and bad news regarding Ryan's allergy testing and sleep study.

1) GOOD NEWS: Ryan actually tested negative to IGE food allergies which are the ones that could potentially cause anaphylaxis (the scary stuff). He tested positive for IGG food allergies which is why we were seeing behavior issues. Although this is better news, he still has severe allergies and scored high in 4 areas (milk, egg white, soy and wheat). After a month of no dairy, we have learned this was a HUGE problem for him so we are keeping him off dairy. But we can test the other 3 so we will eliminate all wheat for 4 days and then give him a lot of wheat on day 5. We'll individually test wheat, soy and egg whites this way. We should have a good idea on the "Day 5's" what can stick in his diet and what has to go.

2) NOT SO GOOD NEWS: Ryan also recently had a sleep study and scored very high for sleep apnea. His oxygen levels got down to 92% at times. SO, he has to have his tonsils and adenoids removed on 2/13/09. The timing couldn't be worse since I have started shots and our procedure will happen around the end of the month...but we can still fit it in and pray that he is fully recovered by the time my stuff takes place. We want to be able to fully focus on his recovery first!

Ryan should feel like a new kid once all this happens. Hopefully he'll get better sleep and fewer sinus and chest infections. Say a prayer for him on the 13th, please. He's never had surgery so mom & dad are a bit nervous to watch him go through this.