Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Follow up with Ryan's allergist

Today we received good and bad news regarding Ryan's allergy testing and sleep study.

1) GOOD NEWS: Ryan actually tested negative to IGE food allergies which are the ones that could potentially cause anaphylaxis (the scary stuff). He tested positive for IGG food allergies which is why we were seeing behavior issues. Although this is better news, he still has severe allergies and scored high in 4 areas (milk, egg white, soy and wheat). After a month of no dairy, we have learned this was a HUGE problem for him so we are keeping him off dairy. But we can test the other 3 so we will eliminate all wheat for 4 days and then give him a lot of wheat on day 5. We'll individually test wheat, soy and egg whites this way. We should have a good idea on the "Day 5's" what can stick in his diet and what has to go.

2) NOT SO GOOD NEWS: Ryan also recently had a sleep study and scored very high for sleep apnea. His oxygen levels got down to 92% at times. SO, he has to have his tonsils and adenoids removed on 2/13/09. The timing couldn't be worse since I have started shots and our procedure will happen around the end of the month...but we can still fit it in and pray that he is fully recovered by the time my stuff takes place. We want to be able to fully focus on his recovery first!

Ryan should feel like a new kid once all this happens. Hopefully he'll get better sleep and fewer sinus and chest infections. Say a prayer for him on the 13th, please. He's never had surgery so mom & dad are a bit nervous to watch him go through this.


  1. Poor little guy! Let us know if you need anything!

  2. Praying for Ryan, you and Nick. We love you. Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Butch.