Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ryan's 3rd Birthday was a blast!

It's hard for us to believe but Ryan is THREE already! We made a special trip to the new Noblesville Olive Garden for his birthday dinner. That was a nice treat for mommy too! Yum yum!
Saturday after his actual birthday we had his big party. We opted to not host it at our house this year due to my pregnancy and all the work that goes along with having a lot of company. It was a great day and beautiful weather. We had a late afternoon party at Billericay Park which has a new Splash Park for the kiddos. So many of Ryan's best friends were there and tons of family too. I was super thrilled to find a place (Pat A Cakes Bakery) who could/would make Ryan his own dairy free/gluten free birthday cake. He loved it and didn't know any difference! Thank you Pat A Cakes for saving the day!It was a special day for all of us realizing that his next birthday will involve 3 more little ones. We did however realize that as long as the triplets are delivered on the same day (which they should be) we will have 4 children but only have to do 2 parties each year! Woo Hoo. Although I do love hosting parties.

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