Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Allie, Norah and Olivia's 1st pictures together again!

Exciting week for the Vetor girls!!!

Today was a fun day for Mommy at the NICU (other than Olivia's extreme desat). Nurse Jessica helped me get the girls together for their 1st triplet picture. Although the NICU isn't allowed to co-bed anymore I could tell they LOVED LOVED LOVED being close together. Although Norah and Olivia have been held together several times this was the first time for Allie to be back with her sisters. It was a SPECIAL moment for all of us Vetor girls! (Enjoy the pictures and don't cry! PS: The brace around Allie's nose is just part of the SiPAP so her nose doesn't get too ouchy. Jessica was nice enough to remove the mask so we could get a picture of her sweet face.)
Allie (A), Norah (B) & Olivia (C)

Allie - WHAT A GIRL! We are so proud of her for overcoming the big ventilator hump! She has been off since Friday October 2nd. The first few days were rough for her. Her heart rate was very high but they did allow me to hold her and during that time her heart rate went from the 180s to the 140s. She was completely calm. They are still concerned about her floppy airway and she remains on the SiPAP machine. She was moved to a big girl crib yesterday (Wed.) They will continue to watch her airway and hope the stridor (squeakiness) goes away on its own. Otherwise, a pulmonologist from Riley will come evaluate her. Allie continues to remain right at 4 lbs. Mommy snuggling w/ Allie

Norah - This little girl is putting on weight like crazy. She is now over 4 1/2 lbs! She was moved to her big girl crib on Friday. They have been slowly weaning her off the VapoTherm. She was on 3 liters of pressure and now down to 2 liters. Once she stays at 2 liters for a day or so they will probably start letting her practice breast and bottle feeding! I am ready for that and ready to be done pumping all the time. Norah is a sweet, sweet little girl!!!

Olivia - Also in a big girl crib and enjoying her window view...that's what you get for being Baby C in the triplet room of the NICU! (Nice perk) She is about 4 lbs 3 oz. She is our sleeper and cuddle bug. Her PDA is still there and her murmur is loud. Pray this continues to resolve itself. Between the reflux and PDA issues she is having some extreme desats where her oxygen drops pretty significantly. Pray about that. We hope this is something she outgrows quickly.
Daddy snuggling w/ Olivia & Norah Miss wide awake and alert!
Speaking of reflux, all girls are being treated for it with prevacid. It's seemed to help Norah a lot and Olivia a little. Nurses have said that reflux can cause their bradys (drop in heart rate) and desat (loss of oxygen). Also, last week they had follow up head ultrasounds which thankfully all came back OK.

We continue to feel all of your prayers. The girls are making such great progress. Please pray for Ryan as he is adjusting to all these changes in his life. Our routine at home is not the can't be. He's testing us (like 3 yr olds do). Pray for Nick and I to know how to balance our time between home and the hospital.

Much love,
Nick & Stacie Vetor

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