Monday, December 29, 2008

08/08/08...what a day

On August 8th my OB/GYN performed a radiology dye procedure called an HSG. The hope was that she could open my tube to allow us to conceive on our own (like we did with Ryan). The HSG was terribly painful and revealed that my tube is indeed blocked and further damaged from my ectopic miscarriage in Jan. 2008. We were so discouraged with this news and referred back to a fertility doctor for further assessment. This was the beginning of our journey.

In early September we met with our R.E. who suggested that IVF might be the best option for us to conceive again. Another laparoscopy might set me up for another ectopic pregnancy. We never thought it would come down to IVF being our only option but it seems that is the case.

Now the stress and tears begin...
We have no insurance coverage for IVF. How would be pay for this procedure without putting a hardship on our personal finances, budget and home? Do we just stop at one? How could we make that decision when we LONG for more children and for Ryan to have his own brother or sister. So many decisions ahead...

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