Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day of doctor's appointments

Today started with Nick and I having a final consultation with our RE before my shots began. We wanted to confirm we are (still) all on the same page for our treatment of IVF. My shots start next Wed. (Jan. 7th) so please just keep me in your prayers as that process begins. Nick will bravely have to administer them...I'm sure some days he'll enjoy it!

After our appointment, Ryan and I went to see his NEW Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. We are excited that we feel this doctor is listening to our concerns about Ryan's history of irritability (AKA fits of rage), chest colds, digestive infections, sinus infections, etc. This doctor has agreed to do allergy testing NOW where our past doctor would not do it until age 5. I can't wait that long...I need some answers so I can help this little guy feel better. He has officially been off all dairy for over one week and I have seen a BIG improvement in his temperment. Who knew that there was dairy in things like caramel rice cakes...a favorite afternoon snack for me and Ry. I did some shopping at the Whole Foods market at Clay Terrace today to find him dairy-free butter, cheese slices, frozen waffles, yogurt, cereal, fish sticks, pizza, etc. All foods that most little ones get to enjoy! (Keep him in your prayers too as we try to narrow down what is bothering his little tummy so much.) The past month has been a huge trial for Nick and I as we anxiously want to grow our family but have experienced some very trying moments with Ryan.

Happy New Year to all!
The Vetor's

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