Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Exciting times!

March was a month full of waiting and anticipation. My embryo transfer was February 26th so we anxiously waited for my first blood draw. It was a looooong wait but God gave us so much peace during this time.

March 10th was my first blood draw and (hooray, hooray) it was positive and a high HCG level. Two days later it had gone up more than double. So again we awaited the ultrasound to confirm whether I was carrying one baby or more.

March 26th was the BIG DAY (AGAIN). Most of you know by this point that we have been blessed with TWINS. We will welcome two new bundles of joy towards the end of 2009. The ultrasound was awesome as we were able to hear both heart beats! It is amazing!!!! I have another ultrasound in mid-April to make sure everything is progressing well and then will be released back to my OB/GYN. Oh, it will be a sad day to say "good-bye" to Dr. Bopp and his staff at Midwest Fertility Specialists. They do not treat me through my actually pregnancy or delivery. And after Baby A & Baby B arrive our family will be complete! They have shared in every struggle and success from our initial consultations and fear of having no more children to rejoicing over each egg retrieved, inseminated and then what successfully implanted! Dr. Bopp has embraced me in several loving hugs because he genuinely is so happy for us and know this is an answered prayer. We are thankful he was in our life at the right time. I (more than Nick b/c I was the one visiting the office every other day) will miss the warm faces in his office. They were there with me through every blood draw and early ultrasound, recovering from the retrieval and celebrating when we learned it was TWINS!

We have received so many blessings and have seen God's hand in this whole process. Thank you to those who have supported us from day 1 of this decision. I think most all of you know our hearts and our only desire in life is to serve and honor our God. It was ONLY because we felt God's greatest blessing that we pursued this journey and obviously He has answered many, many prayers...not just our prayers but the ones heard from all over Indiana from friends and family and even other states where loved ones have supported us. "Thank you!"

We are so excited for the months ahead. I'm technically 7 weeks pregnant today! Still early, so let's keep praying for very healthy development for both babies. I am feeling as good a a pregnant woman can...just very tired and started to get queasy throughout the day.

We are excited for our first Cade Foundation event this Saturday, April 4th. We are hosting an Infertility Forum with a featured Reproductive Endocrinologist, Adoption Agency and a family who has struggled with infertility but now have two beautiful children. The event is from 11 am - 1 pm at the Lawrence branch of the Marion Co. Public Library. No charge. Please come if you have any interest or need to learn more about treatment options or adoption. Also, May 23rd will be our first fundraiser. (We will post more information soon.) We hope our efforts supporting this foundation could help another Indiana family be blessed with the same grant and financial help in the years to come.


  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! love you

    Nat :)

  2. Stacie-Congratulations! I saw your blog on Julie's page and have followed your journey so far. I struggled with infertility for a couple of years before we were blessed with Wyatt. I'm very happy for you guys.
    Love, Amanda(Wyatt's Mommy)