Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our twins are now triplets!

So, Wednesday (April 15th) was our follow up ultrasound. We were going to check Baby B's heart beat that was low at the first ultrasound. We had mentally prepared ourselves that we might have lost Baby B. Well...that wasn't the case thankfully.

As we were looking at the ultrasound we see Baby A wiggling little arms and legs with a great heart beat. I can't believe how big Baby A has gotten since our 6 week ultrasound. Then we go to look at Baby B and all I can see is a blob. There isn't any extra room like Baby A has in his/her sack. Come to find out that Baby B is sharing space with his/her identical twin, Baby C. SURPRISE to everyone...even us and the doctor! We couldn't see Baby C on the first ultrasound that's why we thought we were having twins but indeed we are having TRIPLETS! (Baby B & C are both measuring very close to Baby A and all have similar heart beats.)

Our doctor said this is only the 2nd time in his career where a two embryo transfer resulted in a triplet pregnancy. We are both a bit shocked and overwhelmed with the news. The idea of going from 1 child to 4 so quickly is a lot to absorb BUT God had a plan in this...even bigger than we ever expected. He will provide. The months and probably years ahead will be difficult but we already love these babies and can't wait to meet them.

I will start seeing a high risk fetal specialist soon. We are hoping to find a thin membrane separating Baby B & C so they don't get tangled, which could cause concern. We'll be able to see this on an ultrasound as they get a little bigger. Please keep me and all the babies in your prayers!


  1. How awesome!!!!!!
    You guys will continue to be in my prayers!

  2. Whoa! What a blessing! Congratulations!!

  3. I am so doing my happy dance right now!!!!! That is crazy awesome!!!!!