Sunday, November 1, 2009

10 weeks old today ~ Nov. 1, 2009

Again, I am sorry it has been some time since my last update. It's only because I am so much busier now that the girls are nursing so well. (Imagine our 11 am feeding, take temp on Allie, change her diaper, nurse her & cuddle...start the same on Norah by 11:30 and then Olivia at noon. That's just one feeding of the day and they are fed 8 times each day. Now I'm not there for all of them but several a day.)

Identical twin sisters Norah and Allie

Sweet Olivia cuddling w/ daddy

We originally had hoped Norah would be home on Sat. (Halloween) but she had a brady on Wed night and then another on Friday night. SO ~ it will be at least another 5 days if not longer. I am not holding my breath because she could have another brady. I don't want to rush her home but I am so ready. I feel like we have been very patient with this experience knowing that it would be several months before they were home. However, the running is catching up w/ me and Nick and we are just very ready to have all of our family under one roof.

Allie was seen by a Riley pulmonologist on Friday. They are doing a scope on Wed. at 2pm (please say a prayer for her) to determine whether her stridor is caused by her underdeveloped/floppy airway OR scar tissue from being intubated 6 different times. Honestly I hope it is scar tissue b/c they can fix that with a simple laser procedure. The floppy airway will just have to outgrow itself which could take until she is 2 yrs old. They are also doing a swallow study on her later this week to make sure she is not aspirating any of her milk (when bottle or breastfeeding). I will get more information from the speech therapist on this tomorrow (hopefully). She was removed from the VapoTherm and put on a nasal cannula this week. She is doing well with it. She has taken several bottles from daddy too!
Mommy giving Allie a bath!

Daddy giving Allie her 1st bottle

Olivia looks more and more like Ryan every day. (Oh my goodness!) She is also doing well. She could potentially catch up with Norah and come home very close behind her. She has no respiratory assistance. She is taking some bottles from daddy and nurses and nursing from me when she feels like it. She's a very relaxed & content little girl. (Gotta have one who isn't too demanding, right?)

These 3 little girls have such precious personalities and we are loving getting to know each of them individually. I cannot wait to add Ryan to that mix and see how he responds to them. He misses his sisters. So, that is the latest...they still need lots of prayers. They all are experiencing different levels of reflux (Olivia's is the worst). They just have to continue to grow and develop. Their due date is just another 2 weeks away so they would be considered "full term" by the 16th.

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