Sunday, November 1, 2009

2 months old and HUGE accomplishments!

On 10/23/09 Allie, Norah and Olivia turned 2 months old. We believe that day was a huge turning point for each of our girls...

Norah was removed from all respiratory care! (A huge step towards coming home.) Just Tuesday they took her off the VapoTherm and put her on the nasal cannula. She did so well on the nasal cannula that they weaned her again today. She is now on NOTHING! Today was officially the first day a nurse has made mention about her potentially soon homecoming. She said she better get her snuggle time in before Norah goes home. Norah also started taking a bottle on Tuesday. Daddy fed her first! So when I am not there to nurse and she is awake, she is allowed to be bottle fed. She nursed twice today and took 2 full bottles at other feedings. (5lbs. 10oz.)

Olivia was weaned off her VapoTherm and put on the nasal cannula today. She seemed to be handling that really well. She's been nursing much better these past two days. Olivia is now allowed to start trying a bottle. Daddy plans to give her her first bottle tomorrow over lunch. I hope that goes well. Miss Olivia is very curious about her surroundings. It's very cute to watch her look all around the room. That's why nursing has been a little slow with her. She has a hard time focusing when there is so much more to see. (5lbs. 5oz.)

Allie has come SO far! She has the biggest cheeks right now. She is still on the VapoTherm but weaned down to 2 liters. She is having some bradys still and desats but surely will outgrow them just like her sisters have. She's become a great nurser. Daddy has named her our "spark plug"! That is a great description of her personality. (5lbs. 3oz.)

Each of them is so precious. We miss them when we are away. It's getting harder and harder to leave them behind. I get anxious each morning just to get back to the hospital and hold them in my arms. Nursing is a great way for me to have one on one time with each of them. We have done some serious bonding through these past 2 months. We will feel complete when all 3 are in our home. Please pray for strength for me and Nick. It is tiring running back and forth. We hope to keep healthy during this cold & flu season so we can keep up with all the needs of the girls and Ryan. Thanks for your prayers! I can't believe they have come so far in 2 months. They don't seem tiny to us anymore even though they are still just 5 lb babies.

Love you all!!!

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