Friday, September 9, 2011

My favorite pictures and memories of Summer 2011

This was a fantastic summer for The Vetor Family.  Here are some awesome pictures of memorable days from May through August 2011.  
Mother's Day at Hanfield with my girls!

Our very own superhero turned 5!
Popsicles and more popsicles...I would like to know how many Mighty Mini's we went  through this summer!

Lots and lots of swinging this summer...

Mom's first Indy 500
Allie, Becca (cousin), Olivia, Ryan and Norah

Special luncheon at the Governor's Mansion
My Patriotic them!

Taking the girls to visit Great Grandma Jean for the 1st time!
She gave us LOTS of smiles which was such a treat.

Livi's "Mean Face" ~ shows how fun her personality really is!

Allie (and all of us) LOVING Brooke & Josh's grilled pizzas!
Need I say more?

Our 1st Family Vacation
St. Augustine, FL

The Fort in St. Augustine

Daddy & his girls

Our beauties

Our 2 lbs miracles turn 2!
Our amazingly fun guy

Girls enjoying every moment of their ice cream at
Roche Family Night at the Indianapolis Zoo!
AND most importantly...LOTS and LOTS of fun with our FRIENDS!

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