Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where does time go?

We are at the tail end of a 14 day virus, strep, pneumonia and hospital stay.  Spring time started off so beautiful and warm.  We even had our water toys out a few weeks ago.  What happened?  My poor girls got knocked down with some terrible bug and it has taken 2 weeks to recover.  Allie had her first hospital stay for 3 days.  It was horrible splitting our family up for me to be at the hospital with her and Nick and the grandma's here holding down the house with 2 other sick kids.  Not fun times. 

My goal is to be better about posting to our blog.  I have so much to share about our family as well as my love for Pinterest projects and recipes.  So keep watching for more frequent posts.

Here's an update on our family...

Nick just celebrated his 4th anniversary at Roche Diagnostics.  He accepted a position change about 4 months ago and continues to love working with this organization.

Ryan will be 6 at the end of May.  He has become quite a young man this past year.  He helps significantly with his sisters.  He will graduate from PreK and start full day Kindergarten at a brand new school in the fall. 

Allie is a loving little girl who still prefers her Papaw Mike over every other family member, including mommy.  She is being treated for asthma and sees her pulmonologist about once a quarter.  She loves her "lello blanky" although it's really pink!  She loves Minnie and Mickey Mouse and anything kitty!

Norah continues to be the leader of the pack.  She thinks she is Mommy #2 but we are trying to help her understand her place.  She talks and acts like she is 4 yrs old which most of time keeps us amazed and in stitches.  Norah finally gave up her pacifier about a month ago.  It took a lot of work but we did it as a team.  This earned her a Ladybug Happy Napper (or as she says "Happy Nappah").  Norah is my daily coffee buddy as my early riser.  I wake up to her being my daily alarm yelling, "MOM!  Come get me!"

Olivia remains Ryan's best buddy in the house.  She is still working with First Steps getting Speech and Occupational therapy once a week as well as Physical therapy twice a month.  Her speech has made significant progress in the past few months.  It's exciting to watch her grow.  Olivia has been sleeping in "bubby's room" for a few weeks since the illnesses hit our house.  That is going to be rough habit to break for her.  It's unbelievable that this little girls will be turning 3 in just four more months.

I continue to try to juggle motherhood, our home, working for Aflac part time as well as some freelance writing.  As like many others, I have fallen in love with Pinterest.  I hope to start sharing more of my projects and recipes.  I have to be better about keeping my blog up to date.

Well, as I am writing this three little girls have found their way to the half bath and I hear water running...gotta go!

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