Monday, July 13, 2009


Well, this was me towards the end of 20 weeks! I am 22 weeks today! Woo hoo. This is going so fast. These little girls move SO much. The identical twins (Baby B & C) are on my right side and Baby Girl A is on my left side. B & C move a lot throughout the day and A moves at bedtime and early in the morning. Feeling their movement makes this all so real. I love all three of them so much already.

Our big 3 yr old boy is now officially potty trained. Another huge celebration in the Vetor home! He's loving the water this summer which is a big change from his previous summers. Ryan loves to jump into daddy's arms from the side of the pool. He could do this for hours which really is exhausting for Nick.

We also got to take a quick trip to Kings Island in late June. (Don't worry, I was pushed in a wheelchair all day.) But I loved watching Ryan enjoy himself with daddy. He loved the rides and seeing some of his favorite characters like Dora the Explorer. It was a really great family day with beautiful weather and I was blessed with a day that I felt really good.

Thanks so much to all of you for your continued love and prayers. We have been blessed with a very healthy pregnancy even in a high risk situation. We have amazing doctors watching over me and the babies. We have a care conference next Tuesday to determine what happens from here and when I will be admitted to the hospital, most likely in early Aug. This will be a hard adjustment for each of us (me, Nick and Ryan) to be apart for so long BUT it's necessary for the sake of these little girls. So please continue your prayers for my health and each of the girls. Continue to pray that B & C do not get their cords tangled and do not have to be delivered any earlier than necessary.

Thanks so much,

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