Sunday, July 19, 2009

With God All Things Are Possible!

Many people have commented about how "calm" we seem to be regarding the risk of this pregnancy. We are expecting triplets which in itself is risky but then two of our babies are considered monoamniotic twins which is extremely high risk. Here is OUR answer...

Nick and I are confident that we didn't get here (22 weeks pregnant with triplets) by chance. We were very limited (other than divine intervention) as to how we could ever conceive again. And whether or not that was even God's desire for us. We have clearly seen His answers.

First, God provided the grant money to make IVF an option for us financially. Second, God provided two healthy embryos from our procedure and allowed them to successfully start to grow within me. And finally, only by God's power, one embryo split into identical twins (monoamniotic twins). We have a story to share but more importantly we believe that these little girls have a story, just like Ryan who is a miracle too! We are confident that through our situation we will be able to touch others and pray we will raise these girls and Ryan to make a big difference in this world. It would do no good to worry about all the "what if's" that we aren't in control of. So we are calm because we believe Jesus wants them here for a reason! He is providing our peace.

We definitely still have a way to go before we get to meet the 3 of them so please continue your faithful prayers for my body and these babies. "With God All Things ARE Possible!" We have seen that first hand.

Dates & pregnancy goals to pray for:
28 week mark - Aug 24th (right now this is our biggest focus!)
30 week mark - Sept 7th
32 week mark - Sept 21st
34 week mark - Oct 5th

The Vetor Family ~ Nick, Stacie, Ryan and baby girls

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