Thursday, July 30, 2009

Community I come!

So it is official that Monday Aug. 3rd (25 weeks gestation) will be the beginning of my hospitalized bed rest and end of my freedom to do as I please. (Like wheelchair rides through Wal-Mart & Babies R Us, watching Ryan play on his slip & slide, car rides to Gas City, church, wherever and having my husband sleeping next to me every hoo.) However, I am going with a positive attitude that this is BEST for these precious miracles and if this short sacrifice is what we need to do, that's OK with us!

Last Thursday I definitely overdid it with work appointments and other things. I felt terrible for 2 days and had some contractions which really scared me. I spent two days in bed and drank tons of water. I was able to enjoy our family shower on Sunday (hosted by our wonderful sisters). But that was how Nick and I came to the conclusion that it is time to be admitted and not risk it anymore. You can imagine that while at home it's easy to continue helping with the demands of a 3 yr old who doesn't understand why mommy can't go up and down the stairs. Plus there's always something to do at home...

So email me or call if you would like to visit me. I will probably need a day or two to settle in and adjust. Thankfully, Nick is taking Monday off to stay with me all day (awwww). I love him! He's been such a wonderful supporter through this pregnancy, which I have to say has been much harder on me than carrying Ryan.

Be prepared for frequent posts not only here but on Facebook. I will be bored. Hopefully there won't be much activity at the hospital from a pregnancy standpoint but I will keep everyone posted.

Keep each of us (Nick, Stacie and Ryan) in your prayers as we are apart for what could be several months. It will be a hard adjustment for each of us. Nick will feel more pressure being torn between me and Ryan but I know he will do an amazing job balancing it all.


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