Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sunday July 26th - Family Shower

Thank you so much to Sam, Shelbie, Brooke and Chanelle (our wonderful sisters) for hosting a beautiful shower for us at Nick's parents house. A few days before that I wasn't feeling well and very afraid I wasn't going to make the trip but I'm so thankful I did/I could. It was a great time to see all the wonderful women in our families (and of course some of the men were also there to watch The Brickyard in the basement...great to see them too ) before heading to the hospital. Nick attended this shower (he's never had to attend any showers before) and I think he felt a little out of place but kudos to him for opening all gifts on our behalf so I could lay on the couch and enjoy. Love you babe! We received a ton of diapers (wonderful), many clothing sets and our double snap n go stroller for infants and double Combi stroller for when they are older (we already have singles in these so don't worry...all 3 babies will have a seat!)
Also loved the lady bug themed cupcakes and cake (matches nursery)...so adorable. Thanks Sisters for making this so special for us and these little girls!!!

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