Tuesday, September 8, 2009

9/3/09 Update on our girls!

We are celebrating today! The head ultrasound results were NORMAL on all girls!

Allie now weighs the most when she was our smallest at birth. Norah and Olivia are close behind but Olivia's weight is mostly fluid since she was sick and hasn't been on breast milk (just IV fluids). Last night I got to hold Norah skin to skin, which was amazing. I held her for over an hour. She was so content and happy (so was mommy). We are waiting for that special moment with Allie and Olivia. I changed her poopy diaper today and Nick got a wet one from Olivia!

Allie's white blood cell count was a little elevated so let's start praying now that there is NO infection. We'll hopefully know more about that this evening when we visit. As you can imagine we have a lot of stress and worries in our life right now but we know that our faith will keep us going. There are lots of emotions running around. Could you, each day, pray for peace as we wait for new test results, watch but don't get to hold our girls, travel back and forth, learn to trust God & the hospital staff in new ways, try not to let our anxiety steal the joy from this amazing miracle, wonder about our future (ha) and theirs and all this while trying to heal from surgery/bed rest/pregnancy, return to a full time job and take care of Ryan at home. These days seem so long and the waiting is grueling at times, but hopefully these days will pass quickly and before we know it our Norah, Olivia and Allie will be home with us!

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