Monday, September 14, 2009

9/9/09 update on Allie, Norah and Olivia

After several uneventful and calm days in the NICU we had a change of pace today. Here is the latest information on the girls.

Norah - Today her CBC indicates an elevated white blood cell count which suggests an infection. They took a culture which will take 48 hours but have started her on two antibiotics (the ones her sisters have been on) to help treat whatever infection she has as early as possible. Her nurse today started thinking something was going on b/c she was having long pauses in between breaths and more frequent drops in heart rate. Let's pray for a very quick and uneventful recovery for Miss Norah. She's done SO well but I guess needed a little extra attention from mommy & daddy.

Olivia - Unfortunately the PDA around her heart has not closed with the medicine. It is still considered moderate. It did not shrink or close at all. They decided it might be best to try the medicine again so starting tonight she will get 1 dose every 12 hours again for 36 hrs. PLEASE PRAY that this works miracles within her little body and that her PDA closes by Friday. They will do another echo on Friday and then make a decision from there. Surgery is a strong possibility if it doesn't close with the 2nd dose of medicine. The PDA on some children is small enough that it doesn't bother the baby and can eventually close on its own but her behavior is showing signs that she is bothered by the PDA and requiring more help from the ventilator and more oxygen. Olivia now weighs 3 lbs 7 oz (our biggest girl) but this is a lot of water weight from her IV fluids. Since being sick she has not been on breast milk.

Allie - HUGE SUCCESS...our littlest peanut at birth hit 3 lbs today! A true 3 lbs b/c she is receiving breast milk and a calorie fortifier. She is still getting over her infection but doing well. She received a blood transfusion last night. Her color is good. She was wide eyed during our visit! She has the biggest round eyes. She stares at the ventilator parts that hang over her head. It's cute!!!

Also, we would appreciate if you could keep my Uncle David and family in your prayers. He is having emergency surgery tomorrow morning at 7 am. The surgery will be on his left lung and pulmonary artery. He needs lots of prayers right now. My Grandma Jean & Grandpa Jack also need our prayers. Grandma has been living with Alzheimer's for 10 yrs. The day I was discharged from Comm. North, she was admitted on their psych floor. They are trying to get her moved to a nursing home in Grant Co. (close to Grandpa) but there have been several set backs. Grandpa is anxious to get her close to him.

Thank you for all the prayers!!!
Nick & Stacie Vetor

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