Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Allie, Norah and Olivia - Happy 1 Week Bday

Happy 1 week birthday baby girls!!!

Olivia - Thank you for heavy duty prayers for Miss Olivia. Yesterday was by far the hardest "NICU" day yet. We are on 3 different roller coasters for 3 different precious babies. Olivia does have an infection that made her pretty critical yesterday. She remains on the oscillator again today and probably for the next several days. She is still slightly sedated. Her blood gases are a bit better today (praise). She will most likely receive more blood tonight. They are discussing a permanent IV line called a "PIC line" being put in on Tues or Wed. She will remain on antibiotics for awhile. Please continue your special prayers for her. Her guardian angels are working hard! (Picture attached of her on Day 5 before she got sick...she opened her eyes while we were talking to her.)
Allie - They did reduce her ventilator settings yesterday to make her work a little harder at breathing on her own. Today they had to increase them a bit so not to make her too tired. She remains stable and is doing well. Continue to pray for her to make positive steps forward. (Enjoy the attached picture of her looking like a little drama queen with her tiny arm up over her forehead...too funny.)
Norah - I GOT TO HOLD HER LAST NIGHT FOR 15 MINUTES! What an unexpected blessing on a very hard day! Norah did OK on the VapoTherm yesterday but because that was being switched every 6 hours she got a little tired. Today she is only on the CYPAP to allow her a day to rest. Her face is a little puffy mainly from the CYPAP equipment that is pretty tight on her face.

Love you all! We feel your prayers for us and our little girls. We are checking out of here tonight and hoping to get life back to some kind of normal starting tomorrow. Pray for Nick as he returns to work (with many worries on his mind), pray for Ryan as he adjusts to us being back home as well as our frequent trips to visit the girls in the evenings and not being at home and please pray that I can balance my mommy duties and worries between Ry's needs and the girls. Running back and forth will be exhausting. God has shown us many miracles in this journey. His hand is watching over all of us.
Love,Stacie & Nick

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