Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Update on 9/4/09 - Allie, Norah and Olivia

Hello ~

Allie needs some special prayers. Her night time nurse noticed some blisters on her right foot around 3 am this morning. (This was after her white blood cell count was a little high last evening). They immediately started her on some antibiotics. They have had an infectious disease doctor and dermatologist visit her this morning. Trying to figure out what is going on. Thankfully, because someone ordered a special order, they received news quickly that she also has a staph infection. Her cultures will take 48 hours (like Olivia's) to tell us where it is specifically. Olivia's was in the blood. Just an FYI ~ staph is something we all carry on our bodies. They can easily carry it on their little bodies as well. Hospital acquired staph is not uncommon. Anyway, her little foot looks so sore and while I was there visiting the neonatologist and nurse noticed several new blisters. I pray that they caught this even faster than Olivia's b/c Allie doesn't yet have a fever and it looks like her white blood cells are trying to fight the infection. Our team of NICU professionals are ALL OVER IT and taking wonderful care of our babies! Let's just pray those little blisters start to go away in the next 24 hours.

Good news! Allie is on 22 ml of milk today! Getting close to 1 oz. very quickly.

Norah has had many bradys (heart rate drops below 80 bpm) since yesterday but is still doing well. She had a chest xray today that wasn't real good. I hope she isn't getting sick like her sisters. Their immune systems are so immature. Please pray a special prayer for her too. Norah is on 23 ml of milk today! Yea!!!

Olivia is doing well. Today they started her back on breast milk at 7 ml!!! Now she should start gaining like her sisters. They took out one of her IV lines. She's been active, opening her eyes and looks SO MUCH BETTER than this past weekend. (Maybe I'll get to hold her soon?!) So that is the latest.

We are worried about Allie right now and a bit worried that Norah might also be showing signs on an illness too. Your prayers are being heard so don't give up...continue to pray for these miracle little girls!

Have a Happy Labor Day Weekend. Be safe! Stacie

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