Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We have LOTS OF PRAISES tonight! Your faithful prayers are being heard. Olivia has made a huge improvement from the past 3 days! We cannot thank you enough for your prayers...God is SO good and we are SO blessed with family and friends who pray for our children. We visited tonight and found out that they removed her from the oscillator this afternoon and she is back on the regular ventilator (room air only, no oxygen). She is responding to the antibiotic b/c the cultures from her infection are coming back neg. however she will be on this antibiotic for 14 days. (Let's pray for no long term effects from the antibiotic.) Her lungs are still being suctioned but her x rays have improved! (Yea!) She's not being sedated right now and looks so much better to us.

Norah and Allie are doing great too! Norah's feedings are up to 12 ml every 3 hours and Allie is on 11 ml every 3 hours...that keeps increasing almost every day. 30 ml = 1 oz. (Crazy that they don't require that much food yet but I'm keeping their little freezers full of milk!)

Tomorrow morning (Wed. - Day 10) each of them will have their head ultrasounds. This is a routine procedure for preemies and normally done between 7-10 days of birth. Their doctor doesn't expect to find anything (based on their prior 10 days of life) but PLEASE pray for great results for each of them ~ Allie, Norah and Olivia. They are looking for brain bleeds b/c their little vessels are immature still at this stage. Pray, pray, pray.

So that is the latest! Finally feels like a "good" day. We know we will have many ups and downs and we'll need you praying for us all along the way.

Thank you, Nick and Stacie

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