Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 1 update on Allie, Norah and Olivia - 8/24/09

Nick and I just celebrated their 1 day birthday! Nick being the proud papa that he is can't help himself but go up to NICU frequently to check on his "girls". It's cute. I got to go up last night around 11:30 pm and hope to go back up sometime this afternoon. I am getting in and out of bed a little better today but my focus is getting myself moving around so I can enjoy my visits a little more.

Today the NICU director of nursing came to visit us. Norah is staying in the triplet NICU room but Allie and Olivia are being moved to their own rooms. Right now the least amount of stimulation is best for them so they aren't startled, etc. With each baby having her own team of nurses and all the monitors to care for 3 babies there was too much noise with all 3 in triplet room. This might only last a week but babies can get better rest if they are in their own rooms. Allie, who we suspected was going to be our fighter, may be removed from the ventilator in the next day or so. She had the roughest start but nurse said she is breathing OVER the ventilator on her own. Norah had to receive some blood last night b/c her red blood cell count was a little low. She loves to stretch. Poor girl was stuck between Allie and Olivia for 28 weeks and is enjoying her own space. Olivia was not originally on a ventilator yesterday but is now b/c she had a little apnea last night...totally expected at this point. Please pray that they continue to get stronger everyday. God has had His hand in this whole pregnancy and delivery. He is SO good! Also pray that I continue to feel less pain and recover from my c-section.We'll keep you updated as things change... Much love,Nick and Stacie

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