Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 6 update - Allie, Norah and Olivia - 8/29/09

Sorry for not updating anyone in the last few days. I was discharged Thurs. night but we are staying here through Sunday except for sleeping at home (which has been good for me).

Olivia - let's start with her by saying she needs lots of special prayers today and in the days to come. We've been told for every step forward it seems you take a step back. We received a call last night (midnight) that she was pale and most likely had an infection. She ran a low temp all day yesterday. This poor girl has had a rough few days. She went back on the ventilator a few days ago b/c she was working too hard to breath. She wasn't digesting her food so they stopped her feedings. Then she had a big poo and they put her back on feedings. Today they have changed her from the ventilator to an ocilator (sp?) and also had to sedate her. I cried when I saw her today. They say her blood gases are slowly looking better. We aren't sure where the infection is but her CBCs are highly suggestive of an infection. (So pray that God makes her body extra strong to get through these next several days and to heal quickly.)

Allie - Miss Content. She's just happy where she is. Both she and Norah are off their biliruben lamps. She is still on that darn ventilator but she is doing most of the work. She hasn't (thankfully) had any set backs. She is being increased from 3 ml of breast milk to 6 ml. She is also back to her birth weight today (although she only lost 2 oz.). We hope that the milk will fatten our littlest peanut up quickly.

Norah - continues to progress wonderfully! She now gets switched over to her belly every few hours (from being on her back). She seems very content on her belly. Her feedings have continued to go well. Today they are bumping her from 3 ml (every 3 hours) to 6 ml. They are switching her every 6 hours from the CYPAP machine to VapoTherm. This is SO encouraging. The VapoTherm is just a very small clear tube that runs under her nose and above her lip so it doesn't cover half her face. I love it! Even better news...when they change her to VapoTherm today at 6pm they are going to let me hold her for the 1st time and do Kangaroo care, which is skin to skin contact (mommy & baby) which is so great for bonding (loved it with Ryan) but also a natural way to regulate babies temperature, relax her, etc. They may have to fight me to get her back! (ha ha)

Anyway, we need lots of prayer please. The support from everyone has been amazing. We are truly touched! We appreciate all of our visitors and those who are offering help with Ryan, meals, etc.

Nick & Stacie

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  1. My husband and I are about to start IVF in Jan and your family's blog as been wonderful to follow. I keep a prayer in my heart for your 3 little fighters everytime I check on your blog. Congrats and thank you for sharing your story.