Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Well here I am...

Yesterday, August 3rd 2009, I checked into Community North for a permanent stay until it's decided that these babies need to be born. Let's still hope and pray that is after Sept. 21st (even though that means I'm here over 7 weeks).

Monday was very busy in my room. Thankfully Nick took the whole day off to help me get settled and comfort me during a difficult transition. I wasn't expecting 24/7 monitoring. Here's a picture of me hooked up to fetal monitors...one for each baby plus a contraction monitor. It would take the nurses quite awhile to be sure they were picking up 3 different babies and not getting B's heart beat for C...if that makes sense. Thankfully last night they decided to let me off 24/7 monitoring and started doing every 4 hours (around the clock) so I was woke up at 2am and 6am. Still a lot of work but now I can count on some time off monitors to get up and potty on my own! Yeah!!!

I have received two doses of Celestone, a steroid used to help babies lungs start to develop a little sooner. (Glad that is over...those needles were not fun and serum was thick.) I'm also on Heparin twice a day in my belly to reduce the chances of blood clots since I am in bed all day. Today they also gave me some leg cuffs that inflate to force blood flow back towards my heart. I'm allowed (2) 30 min. wheelchair rides each day and a 5 minute shower. HA HA HA!!! (Which I plan to enjoy this evening.)

Ryan visited for the first time last night. We was a little unsure at first but then felt right at home. There's an additional room/area with a curtain that he announced is "only for boys"...grandma wasn't allowed in there. He can even watch his own TV while he's here. We are trying to make this somewhat fun for him. Of course, the opinionated little thing that he is immediately asked, "Mommy were did you get those jammies? Why are you wearing them?", with a look of disapproval. He's very particular about what I wear and how I fix my hair. I thought I had 3 girls coming to tell me how to dress...guess Ryan will do that too. ;)

Visitors are welcomed anytime. Just send me or Nick an email or give us a quick call if you would like to stop by! One of us will have to give you some basic infomation to get you up to my room. I'll keep you updated frequently now that I have so much time on my hands.

Stacie - 25 weeks with Allie, Norah and Olivia

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